Once your website is built and ready, it is really not at all difficult to maintain it yourself.  You can add pages, amend existing pages, upload photos and create news stories too.  The News articles can link to all of your social media platforms which means that you only have to submit a post once.  Post to your website and let the website take care of sending it out to your Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It's a great time saving system and ensures that all of your platforms have a uniform approach and are always showing fresh content.

Please look at the pdf here, it is an easy walk-through on how to get the best from your site.  Don't forget, if it all seems to be getting a bit too much for you then we are here to help - just go to your control panel and open a support ticket.  We are firm believers that no question is a stupid question - if you need an answer we will give you one, even if it is: piss off!