We were asked to provide a brochure style website for this business with the potential to expand it into a retail platform too. The shop owner was not tech-minded in the least, her existing site and social media platforms were totally disorganised and we brought the whole lot together and showed the business owner how to create a news story, add a picture, upload it to the site and at the same time send the story to every social media platform.

"I am so pleased to finally have a web site that does what I want it to do and can get it to do! It was something that had really been troubling me because I am not brilliant with computers but this system, developed by sites43, is just brilliant. I have increased the number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and, most importantly actually had emails from new customers, walk-ins from new customers and all because of the internet activty.  I'm so pleased." Mireia Sabate, Owner, Princeps de Casa.